Carrier's Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is is the consumer website for insurance buyers, formed by the Big I (Independent Insurance Agents and Brokers of America or IIABA) and we exist to connect consumers to local independent insurance agents and their carriers who can provide better service and products than direct writers and online insurance stores.

What must carriers do to participate on
Participating carriers agree to pay a per-state, per-month fee. Once the contracts have been finalized, the carrier works with the team to provide a logo and fill out a carrier profile page.

Can a carrier only participate in commercial and not personal lines?
Yes. Carriers can choose to participate in either Personal or Commercial lines, or both.

Do investor carriers receive preferential treatment in the process?
No. Carrier results are randomized to ensure that no carrier receives an advantage.

What is the process once an agency receives a consumer inquiry?
Consumer information is forwarded directly to the agency selected by the consumer so the agency can contact the prospect and complete the transaction.

How much does it cost to participate in
Nominal monthly fees are exacted on a per state basis, depending upon the number of lines of business for which the carrier wishes to provide support.

How soon can I be live on without Rating?
We can have you live in days! We only require a company logo and some data so we can build out a carrier profile page for you.

What type of reporting is provided?
We provide monthly activity reports to each of our participating carriers.

Personal Lines Questions

Can a carrier participate in personal lines without providing a quote?
Yes. Non-quoting participation enables a carrier’s logo to be presented to the consumer in the same fashion as a carrier who is providing a quote.

Can auto-only carriers participate?
Absolutely. Pricing is determined by the number of lines of business and the states in which you write business.

How are insurance quotes presented to consumers?
To ensure impartiality, quotes for carrier-selected categories and appetites are presented to users in random order. Non-rating carriers are displayed with their logo in the results set along with carriers who return a rate.

Will carriers have an opportunity to determine quoting parameters?
Carrier quoting systems perform underwriting and determine whether to return or display rates for consumer requests.

Which comparative rating program is employed? currently utilizes the EZLynx system for consumer quoting for all states except Massachusetts, where we use Boston Software.

How soon after signing on can carriers be live on with rating?
If your rates are currently provided in EZLynx and are Consumer Quote (CQ) ready, we can get you live within two weeks.

When will quoting be available in each state? is currently live nationwide (51 jurisdictions) for consumers to research and find agents. Comparative rating for auto and home insurance is also currently available to consumers in 48 states.

What happens to consumers if they don’t finish a quote process and select an agent?
We maintain a secure record of visitors who begin but do not complete a comparative quote for the purpose of customer service and consumer research.

Commercial Lines Questions

Are Commercial Consumers coming to
Yes, nearly 40% of all insurance consumers are interested in commercial lines products.

Is there rating in Commercial lines?
No. The process is simple, we ask the consumer for basic information about their business, and then they are provided with local agents and carriers in their community that can help them with their insurance needs.

May I select which types of commercial lines business I want and don’t want?
Yes, is designed to help an insurance buyer find both an agency and company that want to write their class of business. We allow you to determine by NAICS code which types of customers to whom your logo is displayed.

Do you have a program for Wholesalers and Managing General Agencies?
We are looking to develop programs for specialized insurance programs for limited markets. Please inquire.

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