Benefits to Carriers

Attract the Business You Want
You spend considerable effort building programs for profitable market segments. When you participate on, you pick the precise segments to which you want to market.'s Appetite Engine ensures that you and your agents are only shown to the insurance buyers you want to write.

Direct Prospects to Your Best Agencies

When insurance buyers view your Carrier Profile on, you communicate your value proposition directly to them. And when they make the decision to reach out to one of your agents, you can present the list in the order you want, or let us order it for you.

Educate Your Agencies

By choosing those market segments in which you wish to be displayed, you are also indicating to your agencies which classes you prefer. That gives agencies the reinforcement and continued guidance on the classes of business that you want to write.

Strengthen Your Agencies

By sending referrals to your agency distribution channel, you strengthen them and help to ensure their prosperity. That offer of assistance will be reciprocated as they develop and deepen their relationship with you and your underwriters.

Access Valuable Business Intelligence

Integration of with analytic tools and insights provides you with a level of business intelligence which until recently was unavailable. From insurance consumer purchasing behavior via the internet to agency best practices, participating carriers can access a wealth of reports, statistics and other insights for improving performance.

Improve Your Visibility

In 2014, exceeded 1.8 million consumer visits and generated over 45,000 inbound agency referrals. By participating you improve the overall consumer visibility of your company and your agencies while enhancing the IA model. In addition, you support any other marketing strategy in which you or your agents are currently engaged. At the same time, also provides the IA channel with a shared marketing resource platform that matches or exceeds those of other captive or direct providers and other competitor web enabled entities.

Enhance Your Brand Positioning offers your company an incredible opportunity to enhance your brand equity with your best agencies, their best clients and the industry as a whole. In addition to brand exposure throughout the visitor experience, carriers also receive a customized profile that describes and differentiates your value to consumers and drives consumers to YOUR agents.

Defend Your Space

New competitors are increasingly targeting the insurance marketplace. When added to the substantial product and delivery improvements made by the most aggressive of the independent’s direct and captive competition, your premium writings and profits are threatened. participation helps the entire channel by increasing independents’ visibility and adding your weight to our efforts.

Industry Leadership

Perhaps most important, by participating and promoting, your company will appear in a high-profile position of leadership before independent agents and the insurance industry as a whole. For any carrier genuinely interested in capturing and expanding market share, no other venue offers more promise.

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